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Located in Spallumcheen, the Okanagan Valley, Living Cannabis is a collection of entrepreneurs with diverse skill sets and a binding passion for producing high-quality organic cannabis in our regenerative living soil system.

This unique combination of backgrounds in journeyman trades, organic agriculture, administration, and construction has enabled the complete in-house build-out and licensing, with production commencing in December 2019.

Our small but well-seasoned team has 30+ years of experience in organic agriculture and cannabis. Since legalization, we have continued to accumulate invaluable knowledge, waded through the legal regulatory system, and are carving out our piece of the market with consistent and high-quality product offerings.

We are proud to produce high-quality cannabis through low-waste and ecological methods of organic living soil. With over multiple cycles completed in the same soil, we are not participating in the waste and runoff commonly associated with single-use grow methods and synthetic fertilizer systems.

Flavor, smoothness, terpenes, flavonoids, esters. We grow for more than just potency and are in constant pursuit of unique and fuller expressions of cannabis and achieved through the microbial and mineral complexity of our soil, and the care we take every step of the way.

About Living Cannabis

Living Cannabis, based in Spallumcheen, British Columbia, Canada, is a collective of 6 like minded entrepreneurs with their own unique individual skill set. Our growing methods can be accurately described as organic, holistic and regenerative.

We are a premium cannabis micro cultivator using living soil with organically grown products available primarily in BC and Ontario.

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Premium Craft CannabisĀ 
Grown In The Okanagan Valley
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