The Living Cannabis Method

Water to fire.

Our organic, regenerative soil has been carefully crafted, microbially charged, minerally balanced, and meticulously cared for to achieve high-quality expressions with minimal inputs. With 20+ cycles in the same soil, the amplified microbial diversity ages like fine wine and conspires to produce some of the dankest flowers in the valley.

Healthy soil is ALIVE, loaded with beneficial microbes such as bacteria, fungi, nematodes, protozoa, worms, and microarthropods. These soil micro-organisms comprise the soil food web and are responsible for essential soil processes, nutrient cycling/availability, and engage in symbiotic partnerships with plants that have evolved over millions of years. We aim to follow the blueprints nature has laid, observe patterns, and close loops. The majority of our irrigation events are FRESH WATER ONLY, with the exceptions being carefully crafted compost teas, and microbial, or biostimulant amendments.

Plants are autotrophic, meaning they photosynthesize/produce their own food. The notion of “feeding” a plant is a misconception, in reality, plants “feed themselves” if given the right building blocks. We use NO synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and achieve plant growth through our balanced organic soil system, where the plants access what they need and nutrient availability is regulated by mineral and microbial composition.

We employ a range of regenerative soil-building techniques, no-tillage, and multispecies cover cropping strategies to improve soil health and foster microbial diversity. We periodically re-amend granular mineral components as needed. All our flowers are hung dry, slow, and cool, and hand-trimmed to deliver exceptional product offerings.

This process is guided by our Master Grower, Gerrit Richards who has a BASc in Horticulture and has studied soil and compost micro-organism microscopy.

We are proud that none of our cannabis is produced with single-use grow methodologies and are committed to ecologically responsible production methodologies.


Nutrient Dense Compost

Worm castings are a main ingredient in our weekly compost tea. We brew our compost tea from 24-48 hours depending if we want a more microbe or fungal dominant tea for our soil. We add a few key micro ingredients to feed the tea which is then watered into our beds giving our microbial and fungal populations a boost.

Living soil is by no means the easiest way of growing. But in order to align with the values we want our company to represent and the level of product we are looking to provide, we are certain it is the best way to grow in order to align with all of our values!


What Is Living Soil

Living soil is a growing method centered on the microbial life inside the soil. We use living soil for indoor cultivation by taking elements like peat moss and mixing in beneficial microbes, fungi, mycelium, nematodes, protozoa, worms and everything else you find in a thriving ecosystem. The living elements work together to create a healthy environment. The soil becomes its own complex eco-system – nutrient rich for growing cannabis.

About Living Cannabis

Living Cannabis, based in Spallumcheen, British Columbia, Canada, is a collective of 6 like minded entrepreneurs with their own unique individual skill set. Our growing methods can be accurately described as organic, holistic and regenerative.

We are a premium cannabis micro cultivator using living soil with organically grown products available primarily in BC and Ontario.

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